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National Healthy Marriage Resource Center

The National Healthy Marriage Resource Center (NHMRC) is a national resource and clearinghouse for information and research relating to healthy marriages. The target populations include individuals, couples, educators, policymakers, researchers, and organizational leaders with an interest in marriage. The NHMRC is administered under a cooperative agreement with the Office of Family Assistance within the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Administration on Children and Families Healthy Marriage Initiative
The Healthy Marriage Initiative is about helping couples, who have chosen marriage for themselves, gain greater access to marriage education services, on a voluntary basis, where they can acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to form and sustain a healthy marriage. In practical terms, it involves implementing demonstration projects, emphasizing marriage in Federal programs, conducting research and providing training on healthy marriage issues.

Association of Couples for Marriage Enrichment
The Association for Couples in Marriage Enrichment is an international, non-profit, non-sectarian organization whose purpose is to promote better marriages by providing enrichment opportunities and resources that strengthen couple relationships, increase intimacy and enhance personal growth, mutual fulfillment and family wellness. 
ACME consists of married couples dedicated to enriching their own marriages and other marriages in their communities. Trained lay-couples facilitate various types of events throughout the United States, Canada and several other countries. Professionals in marriage enrichment and related fields are also members.

Wedded Bliss Foundation
Wedded Bliss Foundation was born out of the knowledge that married people live longer, have better health, earn more money, accumulate more wealth, buy more homes, feel more fulfilled in their lives, report enjoying more satisfying sexual relations and have happier, more successful children. The true benefits of marriage seem to be well kept secrets from the Black community who desire happy and successful marriages. The Wedded Bliss Foundation provides guidance and direction this community needs to have successful marriages.

Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couples Education
The Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couples Education is dedicated to making marriage education more widely available – to getting information about marriage out of the research labs and to the public. It is their belief that people can "get smarter" about marriage, and, that when they know better, they will do better.

Marriage Savers
Marriage Savers is a ministry that equips local communities, principally through congregations, to help men and women to prepare for lifelong marriages, strengthen existing marriages and restore troubled marriages.

National Marriage Project, Rutgers University
The National Marriage Project is a nonpartisan, nonsectarian, interdisciplinary initiative located at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. The project is financially supported by the university in cooperation with private foundations. The mission of the National Marriage Project is to provide research and analysis on the state of marriage in America and to educate the public on the social, economic and cultural conditions affecting marital success and child wellbeing.

Association of Marriage and Family Ministries
AMFM is committed to encouraging, training and equipping the church to build marriage and family ministries that are relevant to the needs of the culture. No longer can we afford to minister based on what the statistics were 25 years ago, we must meet the culture at their greatest point of need, in their relationships, marriages, and families.

The National Registry of Marriage Friendly Therapists
This organization’s mission is to help marriages by linking couples with the most highly qualified therapists in the country. Many therapists lack training and experience in marriage therapy, and some are lukewarm in supporting life-long commitment. The Registry only accepts therapists with many years of training and experience in marriage and couples therapy. These therapists value marriage and life-long commitment, and are dedicated to helping marriages succeed if at all possible.

Ten Great Dates
Marriage Alive, founded in 1983, as a non-profit, 501(c)(3) marriage and family educational organization, is dedicated to providing resources and training to help congregations and community groups build better marriages and families. Today Marriage Alive resources are trusted and widely utilized across the United States and internationally. The innovative marriage education program disguised as 10 great dates is used by churches, community marriage initiatives and other groups around the country and internationally as a low- key, fun, male-friendly, yet skilled-based program that appeals to the masses and to couples in any setting. It is also used by the US military to help troops strengthen their marriage before deployment and to reconnect with their spouse when they return.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter
Find out how to turn a good marriage into a great marriage by participating in a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend.

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