Supervised Visitation & Safe Exchange

Family Matters Bradley (FMB) is a 501c3, non-profit, pro-child community agency dedicated to enriching family life by providing support, education, and resources to families, and through partnerships with other marriage coalitions.


Family Matters Bradley is a member of the Supervised Visitation Network. (

Dr. John Vining Has completed the Supervised Visitation Network 24-hour Certification Training.


We abide by the Supervised Visitation Uniform Standars of the state of California. (the only state with uniformed standards for Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchanges)

1.The non- custodial parent contacts FMB first.   Then the custodial parent/guardian will be contacted to come in and finish the intake assessment.


2. Call 423-476-1933 to set up an appointment for an intake assessment. (If you are not able to make contact, please leave a voicemail with your name, number, and the best time to reach you.)


3. Go to the scheduled intake assessment and bring any court orders/paperwork  and driver’s license (or some other ID) with you.  (The visiting parent is responsible for bringing the court order for visitation or a written referral to the appointment. The intake assessment will take approximately 45 minutes and consists of a risk assessment, visitation rules agreement, visitation fees agreement, and a release of information.)


4. Show up for your scheduled service.


5. FMB reserves the right to reject any case and/or end a visit at any time when we feel that we cannot provide adequate security for the child(ren) involved.  The safety of the child is always our first priority.


6. The staff of FMB does not engage as witnesses or testify in court cases regarding custody or to determine if a parent is fit or unfit, or conduct forensic investigations to determine parental fitness or custody issues.

Unless fees are specifically addressed in the court order, the visiting party will be responsible for the cost of supervised visitation and exchange services. Challenging cases may incur additional charges as determined by FMB. ALL FEES ARE DUE AT TIME OF SERVICE.


Intake assessment                                    $60

Supervised visitation (per hour)                $25-$40

Safe Exchange- round trip                        $30

Court Report                                             $30

Court Appearance                                    $100 per hour

Clean up fees                                           $20



Cancellation policy:  If canceling due to illness, you must cancel at least two hours in advance or you will be charged 50% of the fee for the scheduled service.  If canceling due to a scheduling conflict, you must cancel within 24 hours or you will be charged 50% of the fee for the scheduled service. 



Fees for services, length of visits, and amount of supervision administered are based on the family classification determined by FMB.


a)  MINIMAL RISK - (safe exchange only) supervision includes facilitating the transfer of children to and from each parent at the designated point of exchange. FEE: $30.00 (round trip)


b)  LOW RISK - supervision is at a public place with a supervisor responsible for a minimum of three checks per visit. FEE: $25 per hour.


c)  HIGH RISK -supervision is at a public place with a supervisor responsible for observation every 15 minutes. FEE: $30 per hour.


d)  SEVERE RISK -supervision is at a selected site with a supervisor responsible for observation within visible range for the duration of the entire visit. FEE: $40 per hour.

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